O-Rings - OR3004400-V8

O-Rings offer an efficient and economical sealing element for a wide range of static or dynamic applications and can be used to seal practically all liquid and gaseous media.

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Material Properties:

Maximum Operating Temperature
200.0  °C
Tensile Strength
10.0  MPa
Elongation at break
120.0  %
Minimum Operating Temperature
-20.0  °C
Hardness Nominal
Hardness Tolerance
+/- 5  
Hardness Unit
Shore A  

Seal dimensions:

Inside diameter d1
44.0  mm
Inside diameter tolerance ±
0.44  mm
Cross section d2
3.0  mm
Cross section tolerance ±
0.09  mm
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Basic Material
Commercial Description
An 80 durometer FKM. FKM is an elastomer material known especially for its non-flammability, low gas permeability and excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, and ageing. The operating temperatures of the fluorocarbon rubber range between -20 °C and +200 °C (for a short period of time up to +230 °C). FKM is also often used with mineral based oils and greases at high temperatures.