Turcon® Variseal® W2 - RVJ301100-T40SM

Single-acting U-shaped PTFE based seal with a spring energizer. Interchangeable with an O-Ring and Back-up Ring in most cases.

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50-99 € 66,39
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Installation Dimensions:

Rod Diameter, dN
110.0  mm
Groove Diameter, D1
119.4  mm
Groove Width, L1 +0,2
7.1  mm
Radius, r1
0.8  mm

Quality & Norms:

Correspond to recommendation of ISO 3320

Seal Capabilities:

Min. Temperature
-70  °C
Max. Temperature
300.0  °C
Speed Rotating max.
1.27  m/s
Static Pressure max.
40.0  MPa
Dynamic Pressure max.
20.0  MPa
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Material Information for the product(s) on this page RVJ301100-T40SM


Basic Material
Virgin PTFE compounded with carbon fibre
Commercial Description
Turcon® T40 is a carbon-filled PTFE material commonly used in applications where a low-lubricating hydraulic fluid is used. This material is often used in high-freqency and short stroke applications. Because of the surface texture of this material, it is best used for sealing liquids as opposed to gases. Comes with a stainless steel spring.