TSS type TRE and Stefa type CC - TRE800950-4N011

Type TRE are seals with a completely rubber covered outer diameter and a secondary dust lip which protects the other lip against dust and other fine contaminants. This type of radial oil seal is recommended for use in polluted environments.

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Installation Dimensions:

Shaft diameter, d1 h11
95.0  mm
Bore diameter, d2 H8
115.0  mm
Width, b
7.0  mm

Material Properties:


Seal Capabilities:

Min. Temperature
-40.0  °C
Max. Temperature
110.0  °C
Speed max.
8.0  m/s
Pressure max.
0.05  MPa
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Basic Material
Commercial Description
A standard choice for radial oil seals, this is an NBR elastomer bonded to a carbon steel case. This combination is a good balance of economical performance for applications with relatively mild temperatures.