Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® - Internal Sealing

A double-acting O-Ring energized seal designed for rotating, oscillating and helically moving pistons, rods and shafts. It is installed in grooves to ISO 7425 and is available in a single-acting version for higher rotating speeds.

Seal Capabilities

  • Pressure (max): 30 Mpa
  • Temperature: -45 °C to +200 °C
  • Size Range: 6 mm to 2500 mm
  • Speed (max) 2 m/s

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Basic Material
Virgin PTFE compounded with Turcon®, mineral fibre and additives
Commercial Description
Turcon® M12 is used as a primary sealing material and paired with an NBR (N7) elastomer with O-ring energized seals. Turcon® M12 offers low friction, high wear resistance, and costs on par with standard bronze-filled compounds. NBR is used to provide good, general sealing capabilities.
Product No. Material Groove Diameter, D1 H9 (mm) Groove Width, L1 +0,2 (mm) Rod Diameter, dN f8/h9 (mm) Price
(per piece)