Scraper WSA - WSA100700-N9MMN

The Scraper WSA is designed to be used in open grooves. It comes inside a metal case and is considered an economical choice in terms of performance and cost.

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Installation Dimensions:

Rod Diameter, dN h9
70.0  mm
Groove Diameter, D3 H8
80.0  mm
Groove Width, L3 +0.1
5.0  mm
installation drawing table

Material Information for the product(s) on this page WSA100700-N9MMN


Basic Material
85 (Shore A)
Commercial Description
A 90 durometer NBR bonded to a steel case. The properties of the nitrile rubber depend mainly on the ACN content which ranges between 18 % and 50 %. In general it has good mechanical properties with an operating temperature range of between -30 °C and +100 °C (for a short period of time up to +120 °C). NBR is mostly used with mineral based oils and greases and is a good choice for standard applications.