Type BP (Spiral) - BP6102678-PT008

Rectangular cross-section. Consists of two spiral windings which are cut at the ends at an angle of 30° or 45°. Designed for static and dynamic use, but when used in a dynamic application they should be used for reciprocating movements only.

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2-9 € 40,66
10-24 € 22,03
25-49 € 16,06
50-99 € 13,98
100-249 € 11,89
250+ € 10,55

External Sealing (Bore):

O-Ring dimensions for internal sealing d1 x d2
266.07 x 6.99  mm

Installation Dimensions:

Bore Diameter DN H8   //   Groove Diameter d6 H9
280.0  mm
Groove Width, b2 +0.25
12.3  mm
Groove Width, b3 +0.25
15.1  mm
Radius, r ±0.2
0.25  mm
Groove Diameter d3 h9   //   Rod Diameter dN f7
267.8  mm

Internal Sealing (Rod) and External (Bore) sealing:

Back-up Ring dimensions OD x W x T
280.0 x 6.10 x 1.25  mm
O-Ring TSS Part No.
O-Ring dimensions d1 x d2
266.07 x 6.99  mm

Material Properties:

Maximum Operating Temperature
120.0  °C
Tensile Strength
20.0  MPa
Elongation at break
250.0  %
Minimum Operating Temperature
-45.0  °C
Hardness Nominal
Hardness Tolerance
+/- 5  
Hardness Unit
Shore D  
installation drawing table

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Basic Material
55 (Shore D)
Commercial Description
Unfilled PTFE. This material is standard for back-up rings. Unfilled PTFE helps prevent extrusion in low- to medium-duty applications where an O-ring used by itself would not be suitable.