Turcon® Variseal® HF Flange Seals for Internal Pressure

The Turcon® Variseal® HF is a single-acting axial/face sealing element comprised of a U-shaped Turcon® ring and a coiled metallic energizing spring. This design ensures gas-tight sealing even at low temperatures. It is resistant to most liquids and chemicals and has unlimited shelf life.

Seal Capabilities

  • Size Range: 6 mm to 200 mm
  • Temperature: -200 °C to 260 °C
  • Pressure (max): 60 MPa

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Basic Material
Commercial Description
Turcon® T05 is a PTFE-based material offering low friction and very good sealing properties and is widely recognized by its turquoise color. This material has a high percentage of PTFE and offers good performance in low-pressure, light-duty applications. Comes with a stainless steel spring.
Product No. Material Groove outside diameter d7 H11 (mm) Groove Width, b4 (mm) Groove depth, h (mm) Price
(per piece)