Orkot® Slydring® for Rod - GR65A1050-C380

Orkot® Slydring® is made of fabric reinforced composite materials and is used to prevent metal-to-metal contact in a hydraulic cylinder.

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Material Properties:

Hardness Nominal
Hardness Tolerance
+/- 5  
Hardness Unit
Rockwell M  
Specific Gravity
1.25  g/cm³
Gravity Tolerance
+/-0.10  g/cm³
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Basic Material
Commercial Description
Orkot® Slydrings® are made of fabric reinforced composite materials and are used in hydraulic cylinders exposed to high loads that can occur in mobile hydraulics and presses, for example. Its high compressive strength, good sliding behaviour and exceptional wear resistant properties ensure a long service life. Orkot® C380 is a turquoise colored composite and a standard Orkot® material.