Turcite® and Zurcon® Slydring® for Rod

Turcite® Slydring® prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston / rod and bore / gland, absorbing transverse loads. Suitable for most hydraulic fluids, Turcite® material demonstrates good load capacity with low friction and stick-slip-free operation. ‘Teardrop’ structure on some of Turcite® sizes improves lubrication and protects against damage by dirt particles by embedding them. Higher static loads are permissible.

Seal Capabilities

  • Size Range: 10 mm to 250 mm
  • Temperature: -60 °C to 150 °C
  • Speed (max) 15 m/s

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greyish to dark brown
Basic Material
Composition of PTFE compounded with Turcon® and bronze
Commercial Description
Bronze-filled PTFE compounds are the industry standard in hydraulic applications. Turcon® T47 is a blend of PTFE, bronze, and a proprietary Turcon® filler and is backed by years of time-tested performance and offers a balance of performance and cost. This material has very good wear properties and low friction. For medium to heavy applications with reciprocating movements in mineral oils and other media with good lubrication.
Product No. Material Rod Diameter dN f8/h9 (mm) Groove Diameter D2 H8 (mm) Groove Width L2 +0,2 (mm) Price
(per piece)