Turcon® Excluder® 5 - WE5201300-T46N

Diseñado para ser un sello de doble efecto, el Turcon® Excluder® 5 es un excelente rascador para uso junto con los sellos de bombeo de retorno como por ejemplo Turcon® Stepseal® 2K y Zurcon® Rimseal.

Disponibilidad: 11-12  semanas

Precio (por unidad)
1-9 € 50,37
10-24 € 39,27
25-49 € 38,48
50-99 € 34,16
100-249 € 29,67
250+ € 25,23

Dimensiones de instalación:

Diámetro de eje, dN f8/h9
130.0  mm
Diámetro de ranura, d3 h9
142.2  mm
Anchura de ranura, L3 +0,2
8.1  mm
Diámetro de agujero, D4 H11
132.0  mm
Anchura de paso, a mín.
4.0  mm
Radio, r1 máx.
1.0  mm

Junta tórica:

Dimensiones de junta tórica
136.12 x 3.53  mm
Núm. de pieza de TSS junta tórica

Capacidades de sello:

Temperatura mín.
-30.0  °C
Temperatura máx.
100.0  °C
Velocidad máx.
15.0  m/s
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Información del material de los productos de esta página WE5201300-T46N


Basic Material
Commercial Description
A 70 durometer, NBR elastomer. The properties of the nitrile rubber depend mainly on the ACN content which ranges between 18 % and 50 %. In general it has good mechanical properties with an operating temperature range of between -30 °C and +100 °C. NBR is mostly used with mineral based oils and greases and is a good choice for standard applications. Used also as an energizer in T46N, M12N, Z20N, and Z52N.


greyish to dark brown
Basic Material
Virgin PTFE compounded with Turcon® and bronze
Commercial Description
Turcon® T46 is a blend of PTFE, bronze, and a proprietary Turcon® filler and is backed by years of time-tested performance and offers a balance of performance and cost. This material has a high extrusion resistance and has very good wear properties. For medium to heavy applications with reciprocating movements in mineral oils and other media with good lubrication. Used in article numbers ending in T46N and T46V.