Turcon® Excluder® 2 - WE3100120-T46V

Raschiatore energizzato a doppio effetto dotato di due labbri raschiatori di diversa geometria. Comprende un O-Ring.

Disponibilità: 8-9  settimane

Prezzo (per articolo)
1-9 € 26,30
10-24 € 24,67
25-49 € 13,32
50-99 € 8,84
100-249 € 6,46
250-499 € 4,31
500+ € 3,14

Dimensioni di installazione:

Diametro stelo, dN f8/h9
12.0  mm
Diametro scanalatura, d3 h9
18.8  mm
Larghezza scanalatura, L3 +0,2
5.0  mm
Diametro foro, D4 H11
13.5  mm
Larghezza passo, a min.
2.0  mm
Raggio, r1 max.
0.8  mm


Dimensioni O-Ring
13.94 x 2.62  mm
O-Ring TSS N. parte

Qualità e Norme:

Conforme alle raccomandazioni ISO 3320
Installazione in scanalature conformemente a ISO 6195 Tipo D

Capacità di tenuta:

Temperatura min.
-10.0  °C
Temperatura max.
200.0  °C
Velocità max.
15.0  m/s
installation drawing table

Informazioni sui materiali per il/i prodotto/i di questa pagina WE3100120-T46V


greyish to dark brown
Basic Material
Virgin PTFE compounded with Turcon® and bronze
Commercial Description
Turcon® T46 is a blend of PTFE, bronze, and a proprietary Turcon® filler and is backed by years of time-tested performance and offers a balance of performance and cost. This material has a high extrusion resistance and has very good wear properties. For medium to heavy applications with reciprocating movements in mineral oils and other media with good lubrication. Used in article numbers ending in T46N and T46V.


Basic Material
Commercial Description
A 70 durometer FKM. FKM is an elastomer material known especially for its non-flammability, low gas permeability and excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, and ageing. The operating temperatures of the fluorocarbon rubber range between -20 °C and +200 °C (for a short period of time up to +230 °C). FKM is also often used with mineral based oils and greases at high temperatures. Used as an energizer in T46V and M12V